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Well the Amazon Event is over and here is a run down of the newest members of the Alexa Family, when you can buy them and how much you can expext to pay for these new devices.

The Echo Buds offer immersive sound delivered by premium speakers. Featuring Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology and in-ear design limits background noise.

Completely hands free with Alexa, your Echo Buds work seamlessly with the Alexa App to stream Audible Audiobooks, AmazMusic, making calls, check the weather, virtually anything Alexa can do.

Compatibility with other assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant from a supported device. All you need to do is press and hold you Echo Bud.

Now more dynamic with Alexa

Available November 7, 2019 - £189.99

The Amazon Echo Studio has 5 speakers that bring  truly premium sound quality to the Alexa range. Powerful bass, dynamic range and crisp highs. Add in Dolby Atoms to add space, clarity and depth and you have a truly incredible speaker. 

With Alexa built in you Echo Studio is always ready to help, play music, read a book, check the news and much, much more.

The Echo Studio automatically adjusts to your room, it senses the acoustics and size of the space and adjusts playback accordingly.

Now more smiles with Alexa

Available November 21, 2019 - £119.99

Alexa can show you more, and the new Echo Show 8 has an 8” screen and stereo sound helping you to manage your day at a glance.

With the benefit of a screen your Echo Show 8 can play TV shows, films or the latests news, all controlled by your voice.

Connect with video calling and messaging with your Echo Show, you are able to call friends and family that have either the Alexa App or an Echo Device. 

Control your smart home with your Echo Show 8, view security cameras, set the heating, turn lights on and off plus many more things.

Now more timely with Alexa

Available October 16, 2019 - £59.99

Amazon’s most popular smart speaker the Echo Dot is now available with a built-in LED display that can show the time, the temperature or timers.

Control your music with your voice on the Echo Dot. Stream music from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn and others. Or why not sit back and enjoy an audiobook from Audible.

Voice control you smart home using your Echo Dot. Turn lights on and off, adjust the temperature, check the security cameras, Alexa can be the centre of your smart home.

Now more peace of mind with Alexa

Available October 23, 2019 - £89

With the new Ring Stick Up Cam Battery you can see, hear and speak to people or pets from your phone, tablet or selected Echo Device. The battery powered camera can be mounted anywhere inside or outside the home.

The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery has Live View that allows you to check on your home in real time using the ring app. 

When motion is detected you Ring Stick Up Cam Battery will alert you to any motion is senses.

Now more flexability with Alexa

Available November 14, 2019 - £24.99

Now with the Echo Flex you can make any space in the home a little bit smarter. This plug-in smart speaker lets you get help from Alexa in more places in your home.

With a built in usb port the Echo Flex allows you to charge your phone or add a third party accessory such as a night light or a motion sensor.

You can use the Echo Flex like an intercom and communicate with the family  via other Echo Devices.

Now more to love about Alexa

Available October 16, 2019 - £89.99

The third generation Amazon Echo smart speaker is powered by Dolby to give you 360 degree audio with crisp vocals and dynamic bass. 

Enjoy premium sound and personalise your listening experience with the use of the equaliser in the Alexa App. You can also pair a second Echo speaker for stereo sound.

Use your voice to control your smart home. Alexa and Echo can turn lights on and off, adjust the temperature or let you check your security cameras.

Now more to love about Alexa

Available November 13, 2019 - £49.99

The Echo Dot is the most popular speak in Amazon’s range of smart speakers. Now it is available in a new colour Plumb,

This latest generation of the Echo Dot has bigger, better sound. Pair with a second Echo Dot for a rich stereo sound.

Alexa has tens of thousands of skills and Alexa is always getting smarter. Access this ever growing skill set via you Echo Dot.

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As Alexa has become more popular she has been integrated into more and more devices, gained more skills and become a much more useful part of our life. Our aim at Life with Alexa is to give you an honest review of these devices after spending some time with them and share with you any tips and tricks we discover along the way.