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Alexa’s Blog from Life with Alexa is where we aim to give you tips and tricks, latest news and new and exciting news about Amazon Alexa devices and compatible products. This is the part of the site we are most excited about and the place we can most help guide your journey into ‘Life with Alexa’


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Smart Home Getting Easier
Alexa's Blog

Smart Home Made Easy

Smart devices are becoming more and more common in the home and the is an ever-growing list of devices that can connect to the internet and each other.

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Ask Alexa by Life with Alexa
Alexa Tips and Tricks

New Things to Ask Alexa

New Things to Ask Alexa Amazons Echo Devices are always evolving and Alexa is always getting smarter. Here we try to keep you up-to-date with …

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Alexa's Blog

How Alexa Can Help Make Your Day To Day Life Easier

Alexa is fast becoming the most versatile virtual assistants due to its wide range of products, ever expanding range of skills and ever growing range of compatible devices.

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Alexa's Blog

Lots more Alexa

Well the Amazon Event is over and here is a run down of the newest members of the Alexa Family, when you can buy them and how much you can expext to pay for these new devices.

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Alexa's Blog

Things to Try with Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s incredible range of Echo, and compatible devices are always getting smarter. Here we have a few new things to try with Alexa, your virtual assistant.

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